Improving the Diet


Sometimes it’s just about small steps and one of the small steps, that is turning out to be a big step is my diet. I’ve just discovered I’ve been “victim” to weight creep again. You may know what it is. It’s when you lose weight doing the right things and then get lazy and start doing all the wrong things again. So the 10 lb weight-loss was great, until I started eating the wrong things again late at night, stress eating that entire bag of candy and here I am again – weight creep. I realize I have no one to blame but myself.

So many things happen during the creep including tiredness, laziness (though some may think that is one in the same), just an overall feeling of blah. So realizing that in order to get ready for my next half, I need to start with the diet. It’s more than just going out and buying the right things however, it’s actually about consuming those “right things” that I spent mega-bucks on. I’m not doing that bad, I stocked the fridge and fruit bowl with sale items including Greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, watermelon and avocados. Practicing portion control, etc…

Small baby steps… I’m learning it’s not just about the run….

Hunger, Journaling and Running

It’s so hard to be good when it comes to eating. I’m at the start of my running/weight loss program and I can already see one of my biggest challenges will be fighting hunger while eating “nutritious” foods. So what exactly is the problem? Quite frankly it’s me. I know, in reading my posts, you will eventually come to realize it as well. So why am I the problem?

The problem is actually a vicious cycle, beginning the night before. If I don’t prepare the night before, the next day is a goner. Start with breakfast. I’ve taken to driving my son to school in the morning and while I hear the cries of “bad parent,” there really is a reason that works quite well. I find when I have a goal in the morning to get up and make sure my son is out the door, I actually not only get to work on time, but I also get to take care of those early morning errands like the post office and putting gas in the car. So what’s the problem? Lack of preparation. If I don’t wake up early enough to fix my breakfast, breakfast turns out to be a sausage McMuffin with no egg and iced tea from those perfectly golden arches.

What happens when I don’t have time to pack my lunch? The possibilities are endless. Who can resist a fajita bowl from Chipotle’s? Even if I kid myself that not having the wrap, itself, is somehow saving mega calories, I’m already in the hole by a good 900 calories.

Did I eat a big lunch? I have to cook for the kids anyway so I might as well eat the dinner I have to prepare. Right? Let’s say on the outside chance that I behave for dinner what happens when I get back from the gym at 7:30? The hours between 7:30 and finally sleeping around midnight are endless. The little voice in my head tells me; “just one” won’t hurt. Usually “just one” of anything turns into a full blown snackfest.

Journaling is what it’s all about. If I write down everything I eat, I’ll come to the “realization” that I eat when I’m not hungry. The funny part is that I really already know this – stress eating, fun eating, whatever I call it, it’s still a challenge. If journaling is what it takes for me to get started off on the right foot, then journaling it will be. I still have high hopes and a goal to meet.