A Run Finished Even if I Crawled

running sneakers.jpg

While the Clarendon 10K was originally on my redemption list this year, I decided to forgo it and embark on a personal run. There is something about the past momentarily haunting me, resulting in the feeling of being woefully unprepared for any race, even a downhill one (makes no sense, right?).  Perhaps I will add it to my 2017 bucket list….to finally finish THE race I quit.

Instead of Clarendon I decided to go on a 10K excursion by expanding my usual 5K route.  I love this route because it’s an eclectic mix of just the right amount of traffic and other runners.  You know the cliché, “the best laid plans”? Well for the first time EVER, there was 5K happening on part of my route. What? Who holds a race here? As a result, I had to redirect myself via inner GPS to more travelled paths. So the redirect route resulted in a hotter (less trees), hillier (yep, more of those) run than originally anticipated. 

What do people think about when they run? I can tell you all I could think about was…

“Wow…who put all of these hills here?”…. 

”What WAS I thinking?”…

“Why didn’t I just run Clarendon, at least it would have been downhill.”….

 But what kind of challenge would that have been; taking the “easy” way out on my journey to a marathon? Different mantras soon followed…

“Just make it to that next tree”…

”Think of how fabulous you will look all marathon-toned ready”

“You really DO want to finish that marathon don’t you?…DON’T YOU?”

Coupled with….  091816.jpg

”OH MY GOSH, it’s REALLY hot out here.”…

”When does that Fall season actually start?”…

“Did that person really just pass me?”…

Regardless of the inner workings of my mind, I realized a few things…

I need to find a better breakfast/runner fuel for a morning run. That banana wore off at mile…ok half a mile in.

I need to eat better overall.  Fueling the body seems like it is important as to not fall out at mile 2…ok at a mile one.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…So important, not just for the long runs but training too…and forgetting my water bottle and ending up using one of the hot, water bottles that I drank a sip out of earlier in the week, but left in my car, just doesn’t cut it.

The importance of sleep. Sure it’s the weekend and I should be able to go to bed later, but if I plan to run early, I need to get enough sleep the night before…tiredness does kick in somewhere around…ok…really as soon as I get started.

A lot of lessons learned as I crawled the last two miles of what ended up being a 6.5 mile “run”…while contemplating life as a slow, hot, yet determined runner.


Either way…I did it! I’m proud and another run in the books as this grandma heads to her fourth half and very first full. Run on grandmas!!!


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