Uphill in the Heat – Marathon Training

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Training for a 10K or even a half is not easy. Training for a marathon is work! I’m trying to get the right mix of hills and flat in an attempt to be ready for the marathon target just a little over four months. FOUR MONTHS! Did anyone else’s stomach just flip over into enough gymnastics to compete in the summer Olympics?

Anyway, today’s decision was a training toss-up between the cool, entertainment-stocked (i.e. two T.V’s), empty employee gym or the deceptively cool, beautifully blue sky of an outside run. I say “deceptively” because as I was making the decision, there was a cool gentle breeze wafting through the air, just begging me to ditch the gym and stay outside. Yes, I fell for it.  After all, it was 9:00 on a summer morning and the temperature gauge on the car said a mild 75 degrees.

LIAR! About five minutes into the run, the heat turned up full blast. A loop around the parking lot of the Potomac National baseball field, an up and back around the water office, down and back up a side street and then a final down and back onto another street.  All told, my Fitbit registered that I had climbed 14 flights of stairs. I truly think this time it was uphill in both directions. I know this would probably be easier with a running partner, but either way I am GOING to get this done. I will cross that finish line.


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