Feeling like a Newbie Run


My plan was to go for a run at 6:30 this morning before the heat and humidity turned the roads into a desolate waste land of air-conditioned cars. Unfortunately, my latest round of T.V. binge watching kept me in bed until 7:30 this morning so I didn’t get out until 8:30. Not to be deterred, I decided to tackle the route that included an uphill start of 1.5 miles.

At about mile, I decided that perhaps this wasn’t the wisest choice since heat cramps threatened to take over at least one leg. I didn’t quite make it to the regular turn around point, which unfortunately shaved a half mile off my distance.  My intent, however, was to really “speed” back on the downhill. Wobbly, heat-compromised legs prevented me from moving more than slow shuffle. The up and back only totaled about 2.75 miles instead of the usual 3.1, but I figured I’m make it up on the second stretch which is usually a 3 mile down and back.  The plan was to complete a 10K, but with sweat-burning eyes, a dripping wet shirt and no other runners on the road, I felt it wise to perhaps cut the run a little short. 5 miles total.

I haven’t felt this wobbly or totally drained after a run in a LONG time. I’m actually feeling like I’m back at newbie runner status. The combination of heat, humidity and hills seems to have taken their toll and I find myself with the strength of a wet noodle. Actually a wet noodle might be a little stronger than I’m feeling at this point. With all that said, however, there is still an underlying sense of accomplishment in making today a No Excuse Day for getting out there and getting it done. It might not have been a 10K day, but at 5 miles….I’ll take it!


4 thoughts on “Feeling like a Newbie Run

  1. Thanks Darlene, it has been crazy hot! I’m ordinarily not a morning person (except for work and weekends) so I’m trying these early morning runs. They’re not easy, but it feels better at the end if the day. :-).


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