Recovering from a Sunday Run


Not sure what happened today. I can’t think of a time when my legs actually hurt during a training run. Even during the half marathons, with the exception of the leg cramps, my legs have never hurt (except afterwards) – especially during a training run. I’m trying to decide if that is a good or bad thing. I did take a week off from running. I can’t say that there was a loftier goal behind it, but I can say I didn’t necessarily slack off during that time. I actually DID do some cross-training. I did several 25-minute cardio and sculpting videos (yes, with light weights). I even “re-joined” Spark People because I love their recipes and wide range of workout videos.

I’m going to put this run in the books as a sign to get back on track.  There are several races that I’ve signed up for this fall. I also have to complete at least one redemption run (I now have several to choose from), plus that January Marathon thing continues to loom large in my, not so distant, future. One step at a time, just need to speed them up a bit.

Personal 5K Saturday

running sneakers

Today was actually a great day! There are very few things more motivational to me than to volunteer for a race. Something about being amongst all those runners that gives me the feeling of camaraderie and motivation, especially when I meet new or fellow slower runners and we share our “war” stories – otherwise known as races we managed to finish and those we want to run.   

The feeling was so good, it inspired me to go run my own personal 5K afterwards. No bling, no tech shirts just me and the road (it was actually the treadmill today, but a mile is a mile). I made it interesting, however, by alternating the speed and grade. I find it most effective, however, when I cover the display so that I can’t see the time. A minute on a treadmill often feels like 10 minutes on the road. 

It was a little bit more difficult today. My legs didn’t feel as strong as they normally do. They actually got tired. I would imagine that’s a sign that I need to increase my fluid and protein intake (sounds almost professional doesn’t it). No worries though, I’m happy with my accomplishments and even though tomorrow brings the threat of more rain. I hope to get in another run, or at least cross-train. I know it’s only June and my marathon isn’t until January, but….it is JUNE ALREADY! A personal 5K is just a drop in the bucket, but today it felt like a pretty big drop.