Replacement Run for the Fit Foodie

Today was a combo / replacement run. Why?


Reason One (rain – otherwise known as excuse #1): I signed up for the Fit Foodie 5K run. Even though it sounded fun, I kept wavering on the registration.  Eventually, of course, I finally signed up. After all it was only $35…or was it? Well the race was $35, but adding the associated weekend activities which included; a Friday night party ($55) , a Sunday workout session ($55), plus the cost of the t-shirt, it actually would have cost well over $100 if I had signed up for the amenities, I opted to just sign up for the $35 race, because it sounded like it would have some serious real AND virtual swag. I even went as far as going to packet pick-up to grab my bib. Unfortunately, race day rose with torrential rain and I just couldn’t bring myself to head out the door. (In fairness, the Fit Foodie will be held at other locations nationwide and there seems to be a serious price cut on the “extras” if you sign up now).

Reason two (work – otherwise known as excuse #2): I have not run in three days. Funny enough, a year ago I never dreamed that I would ever experience run withdrawals. I will tell you the struggle is real. After two days of working 12-hour days and tending to some unexpected needs of my youngest, the earliest I could have headed out for a run would have been 8:00 at night. Not in my plans.

Combining reason one and two brought me to today, another grey, drizzly, pretty miserable day. I had already decided that I couldn’t go another day without running so I headed to the gym and ran a mile for each day I missed, plus that extra .1 to make it a 5K for the one I missed yesterday. All in all, I’m feeling pretty accomplished, but have decided it’s time to get my training back on track. I’m not too far off since technically the only run I missed according to my schedule was one long run for this weekend.  I know I have to double my efforts to get marathon ready. I’m up for the challenge.


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