Cross Training Day


I’m trying to stick to the marathon training plan as much as possible even though I try to add my own little bit of flair every now and then. It wasn’t really flair though, more like a gentle change in the plans. Yesterday instead of a rest or cross train day, I decided to add another actual day of running. I don’t mind telling you that it felt GOOD. I didn’t go far, but I did manage to get in another day of run-walk-run for a couple of miles.

Today, however, despite my desire to run for a third day in a row, I thought it best to perhaps do a cross-training day….so I did a mile walk video. I’m not sure how that translates to a cross-training day, but I thought I’d add a bit of weights to increase the intensity.  The video only took about 15 minutes, which needless to say didn’t get me anywhere near 10,000 steps on my Fitbit.  The funny thing is, I think I would have rather gone for a run. Something I never thought I’d say.  What I need to learn, however, is that in order to be successful and injury-free, I need to work the plan, otherwise the plan won’t work.


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