Two Mile Tuesday

Countdown Clock.png

The first week of training for the marathon and I must say, I started strong, in my opinion anyway. Today was two mile Tuesday. It was actually a little over two miles because the training plan required me to run for 30 minutes…and run I did, slow as a turtle learning to crawl backwards, but I actually used the Jeff Galloway run-walk-run method which, personally, is very different from the walk-run-walk method. The walk-run-walk method implies that I do more walking then running. Today, however, was a good day as I ran for four minutes and walked for 45 seconds until I had covered the posted training time.

Motivation? It could have been the Whopper Jr. that I inhaled at lunch in between meetings today. No time for healthy eating? No, actually more like I didn’t make time for healthy eating. My mantra – if I could eat that, I could run this.  My chant – the marathon is 245 days and a little over three hours away. Miles to go before I rest. The journey has begun!


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