Today Starts My June Training

My Shirt

I was checking out programs to use for my marathon training. After visiting various “train like this” sites, I decided the best training to use was the one recommended by Disney itself (if Disney could actually recommend one, I think it’s actually a Galloway program). The training suggests starting in June and running for three days a week…Tuesdays and Thursdays with a long run on the weekend.  (This is the 2016 marathon plan still on the site today, but I would imagine when they post the 2017 marathon training plan, it would be about the same).

Here is my train of thought (get it…”train” –  sorry nerves).  The Beginning Runner plan (hey, might as well start at the beginner level) is scheduled to start June 30th with an end date of January 10th. If I start now, 28 weeks would take me up to November, so in theory I should be really, really ready by January 2017. Right? Well, that’s my story/plan and I’m sticking to it.

I’m currently doing a little research on core training, because I know this is where I struggle the most. Either way, I’ve got my plan and the heart…now it’s time to work on the rest.


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