Disney World Marathon

Disney World 2017

Grandma to Half Marathon is now on a new journey. While the name won’t change because I’m still working on improving, I have done the unthinkable, I have signed up for my first marathon. The Disney World Marathon, January 2017. Yup…26.2 miles. Just saying that gives me the chills.

When I think about it though, they’re probably the same chills I experienced when I decided to participate in my first half marathon. The fear of spending all that money and not finishing the race. The terror of the balloon ladies and the possibility of being picked up by “the bus”. All those thoughts running through my mind. 

There is a difference this time.  The difference is this time I welcome those feelings of uncertainty because this time, I know what I’m in for.  Okay not really, but I know what will happen if I don’t train enough, like that first half.  I know there will be pain, but I’m determined this time. I’ve paid the registration fee and training has already started….so balloon ladies or finish. I’m headed to Disney – January 2017 to run a race I said I would NEVER run (kind of like that half marathon thing) a marathon.

Disney Princess Half Marathon 2016

2016 half

One would think the fact it took me over two months to talk about the race must mean that it was absolutely the most devastating event…ever, preceded only by my first half marathon back in 2014. Well, the truth is, it was and it wasn’t. I wouldn’t necessarily call it tragic, but it had some moments I hated to relive and others that were actually quite awesome.

The not-so-good

Have you ever had to use the porta-potty only to not have one immediately available…only to make the crazy decision to “hold it” and as a result of holding it, decide not to do any fluid intake? That was mistake # 1. Starting in a late corral, I didn’t think it was prudent to get out of that corral to go to said porta-potty.

Common sense aside, I thought perhaps I would just not drink anything until I had the chance to stop…well…I was making such good time, who had time to stop for a fifteen minute porta-potty line? Most definitely not I. which lead to…

I thought I would never experience those muscle cramps reminiscent of the 2014 debacle again, but the lack of fluids hit like a ton of pain around mile nine. Oh no, not just one leg and then the other this time, but both legs at the same time all at once, full blown, no warning.  If I could, I would apologize to the runners behind me when I had to come to a dead stop right where I was and bend over double in pain. I trained too hard for this one though, I couldn’t stop, nope. So basically from mile nine on whether it was on my heels or a steady hop, I had to walk almost the rest of the way – thwarting my attempt to run across the finish line.

The good

There always has to be a good.  Recovery time was cut literally by a third compared to that first year. Any day I can run, there will always be a good. Well, regardless of the fact that I caught the mega-leg muscle cramps. I PR’d. On to 2017!