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The snow kept me inside today so I thought I would use the time to review an “exercise” DVD set I purchased. So …Beachbody CIZE It Up… I was considering a gym membership.  The gym next door to my office charges $60 for one month or $10 for a single visit. There are cheaper gyms, but they are much further out. Instead of joining a gym, however, I decided to purchase the Beachbody CIZE DVD with Shaun T for the same price as the month membership.  I’m at about two weeks into the program, so I thought it would be a good time for me to give it the grandma review.

What I like:

While it has nothing to do with the DVD, I found that I actually like the opportunity to make a fool of myself by learning to dance at home without worrying about anyone looking at me. Not that I often worry about that, but when I’m gasping for air and trying to catch my breath, it’s so much better when no one is watching. It’s getting better though, I’m not as winded when I first started.

Step-by-step instruction. Shaun T takes you step-by-step through each dance routine and repetition is the key. For example, the You’ve Got This routine is 43 minutes. For the first 40 minutes, you are learning each step, repetitively and starting from the top – repetitively. For the last three minutes, they play the “CIZE it Up” song, in this case Treasure “originally recorded by Bruno Mars.” The “originally recorded” means it’s not the actual singer, but it sounds pretty close.

Does it work? The infomercial states that it’s the end of exercise and the infomercial actors also declare they are so into learning the routine that it doesn’t feel like exercise.  I started the DVD’s a almost two weeks ago and I have lost three pounds. It would probably be more if I actually utilized the nutrition information in the Eat Up Guide included with the set.  I have to agree that I’m concentrating so hard on learning the dance steps, I do forget that it IS an exercise, disguised as a learn-to-dance DVD.

For each routine you rate yourself as to whether you’re a back-up dancer, front and center or ready for your own video. I think I’ll be in the back for a while, but it is fun to feel like I’m improving.

There are six routines, plus 8 Minute Abs. Today I started workout #3 – Full Out, for which the CIZE dance (last three minutes of the workout) is done to “Lose my Breath” originally recorded by Destiny’s Child. Lose my breath, I did.

Maybe the “not so much”:

I know that the Beachbody company is thinking of the young beach body types as their target audience, however, what originally drew me to the purchase was the infomercial that featured the older woman. It made me think that if she could do it, so could I. What I find distracting in an annoying sort of way, however, are a couple of the female, professional back-up dancers.  They are dancing, but it looks more like they are trying to model. One in particular, really annoys me unfortunately she is also in the Shakeology commercial right before the workout starts. I always fast forward.

Keep in mind that Beachbody is in it for the money, so be prepared for them to continuously pitch their merchandise in between the workouts, but not during the workout itself, thank goodness.

There are some that don’t like the repetitive-style teaching method and the short, three-minute CIZE it Up. I love it for two reasons, it helps me to learn the dance and it works up quite a sweat.

If you are a professional dancer or prefer the standard exercise DVD that “works both sides”, this DVD is not for you.  Some users complained that Shaun T didn’t switch sides to workout both legs and both arms.  It’s a dance DVD, not really an exercise DVD.  I tended to switch sides on my own and I was quite content with that. If CIZE doesn’t make you sweat, it’s probably not the DVD for you.

Overall, the cost of the DVD was the same price as a 30 day membership to my closest gym. If I used it six times (at what would have been single $10 visits to the gym), it would have paid for itself. All this to say, I’m quite pleased with my purchase, but do continue to fight the urge to purchase one of the cute CIZE t-shirts.


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