I Remember the Pain


It’s been almost two years since I completed my first half marathon. I remember most of it like it was yesterday. It was February 2014. What I remember the most about that half were the incredible cramps that started in my legs somewhere around mile nine. Sharp, debilitating cramps that almost knocked me out of the “running”. For days afterwards every step brought pain, some brought tears…the majority brought pain and tears. I knew it was really my fault. I hadn’t trained right/enough, wacky nutrition – of course a bagel and diet coke an hour before the start was a proper breakfast. I pretty much jumped in a corral and started a race.

Fast forward a year. February 2015. This year I took the proper precautions. I also made sure that I had salt, fuel beans and all sorts of little remedy’s to hold off the cramps and they worked.  I haven’t felt cramps like that…until today.  Oh my gosh! Perhaps it was the lack of warm up. Perhaps the single digit chill factor outside followed by walking into a building and jumping on a treadmill with 60 seconds of warm-up. The cramps!  In fact, it’s three hours later and I’m still feeling the twinge. Fortunately it’s not the total debilitating cramps of 2014, but pretty darn near close.  No worries, I will not be deterred. I’ve got my foam roller, Biofreeze and a whole month before the next half.


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