MCM10K Review

MCM10K Review


This past weekend was Marine Corp Marathon weekend. Before you get excited, however, I ran the 10K, not the full (notice I didn’t use the word “only”, a definite improvement in self-esteem). It was a fantastic weekend. My sister flew in to run the full, so it was almost a family affair.

The expo…

Expo is usually another word for the phrase “spending money”…gladly. While I didn’t pick up the same amount of merchandise I  normally purchase at the Disney Princess Expo, I still managed to spend a few dollars. What I really liked about this expo were the number of samples that were given out. Granted I did buy a supply of Sport Beans, but they also gave out quite a few free sample packs. Those little beans helped me to get through the half back in February and I was hoping for a  repeat this time. The KT tape folks were there and while I’ve gotten quite proficient at taping myself, it was nice to have the “experts” working on me. I also attended a couple of the seminars, including one with Jeff Galloway. The information and tips were really helpful. If I had one complaint, it was that the seminars were across a busy street from where the expo was held in the Washington Convention Center. The seminars weren’t crowded so there was plenty of time for questions.

Race Day…

The weather was still pretty much unpredictable for race day depending on which forecast you listened to. Rain, no rain, windy, warm…there really was no telling. The metro opened at 5:00 am on race day. Mindful that “open” and the train actually pulling out from the station didn’t exactly coincide, but fifteen minutes later we were on the way. Surprisingly enough, the trains weren’t crowded so we had a relaxing ride in. While I hear it was a nightmare for those that arrived later, I breezed through the security checkpoints with no problems. As it got closer to race time, however, the corrals overflowed and runners had to stand outside of the gates until the race started.

My Firsts…

I’m used to races starting in waves to give the route a chance to thin out near the start line, not so with this race.

This was my first race in the rain. I’m usually not an inclement weather runner, preferring to run on a treadmill when faced with the least bit of less than favorable conditions – visions of slipping always run through my head. What can I say, I’m a weather wimp. Fortunately it was more of a drizzle rather than an all-out onslaught. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The end…

That hill. I’m glad I saved a little bit of energy to conquer that final mountain at the Iwo Jima Memorial (they called it a hill).


Learn to run the tangents. I zig-zagged from one side of the road to the other and managed to increase the distance I needed to run.

Final thoughts… 

I really enjoyed this race. I’ve been reading some of the negative comments about the race and, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it made me sad to read so many negative comments, though some were definitely legitimate concerns. I know the marines didn’t run out of Gatorade on purpose so the finish line probably could use a little work.

For me, it’s the first race in a long time that I actually looked forward to outside of Disney. If anything, finishing this race with its slopes and bridges have motivated me to improve and keep going. I finished the race, this grandma is ready for the next one. One thing I do know, I’m definitely signing up for next year’s MCM10K.


2 thoughts on “MCM10K Review

  1. And congratulations to you on your marathon! I’m sure there will always be issues and people who won’t be happy and races with glitches, but I still enjoy them. I think this MCM10K, like Disney, is a keeper for me too – though next time I will try to sign up during the early bird pricing, if there is one, 🙂 OORAH!!! 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your finish! I also had a wonderful experience and will definitely try to gain entry for next year’s full. I’ve been reading the complaints as well. Some things are easy fixes – keep spectators out of the runners start area. Others are pure runner etiquette – only take one of each item. There were 30,000 people, of course there are going to be lines. On the other hand, running up that hill, presented a medal by a Marine, followed by a salute. Love runDisney, but this was definitely something special.

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