Three Email Stress Day

I came off the weekend feeling pretty good about my training. Friday night was 3.1 miles. Saturday morning was a personal 10k, plus an unintentional extra mile. Sunday, I managed a mile, plus weights (cross-training day). Yesterday, I managed 2.56 miles when I didn’t think I’d make 10 steps, with a 12 minute per mile average time. Not bad and probably the most I’ve trained in a weekend in a long time (O.K. if ever).

Interesting how when the world is looking all rosy, it’s possible that I get doused with a cold splash of reality. I received three emails today that would normally throw me into an untrained runner’s tailspin.

The first was from RunDisney for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. The deadline to enter results from a timed race is November 17th. This is ultra important so I don’t end up in the “no time” last corral.  I’m thinking that’s earlier this year. I’m not quite panicking because I do have that horrible time from a 10K I ran last year that I could use. It was a 10K in 20 degree weather with close to no training, but it was under the 16 minute per mile cut off.

The second email was a reminder email from Across the Bay 10K. This is the 10K a week after the Marine Corp Marathon 10K. Sometimes I sign up for things and then wonder, “What was I thinking.” Thank goodness I didn’t receive the MCM10K email today or it might have gotten really bad.

The final email was about the non-profit race I ran in last year with my worse time ever. I had planned to sign up for this race as redemption and then realized today that it was in late November, the same time as last year, which further makes me think the RunDisney cut off time is earlier this year. The deadline is fast approaching.  Dare I run 3 – 10K’s in a four week span? Have I gotten that crazy?

All this to say that those three emails might have set me into panic mode before this weekend, but now I’m feeling – bring it on!


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