10K Day – No Bling

Sore…tired, but totally pumped. Not only did I log three miles yesterday, but today I ran a personal 10K. With no runs over 3 miles since February, today was the day I decided it was time. This is not say I didn’t waver about going out for a run when I woke up this morning. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, but not the Magic Mike XXL DVD (don’t ask), nor the sore knee that decided to pick today to act up, was going to hold me back. Shut off the DVD, which was on mute anyway, KT taped my knee and headed out.

6.2 miles, no tech shirt, no bling, no crowds. I not only came in last, but I came in first. The only person I had to beat was myself. Could I have run it faster? No doubt, but today was still a great day.

The first 1.5 miles consisted of a hill and we all know how much I hate hills. I’ve run this route before, it’s 1.5 miles at an incline with very little shade. Actually there is shade on the other side of the street, but for some reason I keep forgetting about the shady side. In fact, I was so excited that I once got up the hill and came back down, I turned around and conquered it again. Hills are going to be very important in the next few weeks since my next two races are 10K’s with hills.

After the hill, I headed up the straight away which wasn’t really straight but was, in reality, a curvy, winding path with beautiful fall foliage on one side and traffic on the other. The feeling got so good that I over shot my 6.2 mark and ended up with an extra mile to get back to the car. I probably would have skipped to the car except the legs were finally starting to feel the hill.

The bottom line is I did it! Not sure what it was about today that made it so different, but today I was a conqueror.


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