I Signed Up for the MCM10k

Just a few weeks ago, right before the Disney Princess Half-Marathon registration, I had talked about not signing up for any races. As I look at the framed bibs on my motivation wall, I can see that it’s been awhile and I really couldn’t understand why. Well, I’ve really stepped into it this time. On Friday, I signed up for not one, but two 10K’s. Not even a 5K pre-warm up, but two 10K’s. The first one is thirty days from now. It’s advertised as the “fastest downhill PR setting course in the area” – The Clarendon 10K. That’s not really the race I’m worried about. I signed up for the Marine Corp Marathon 10K. WHYYYYYY?

After toying with the idea for a week, and having a conversation with my sister, I figured why not? Reading about the race, it didn’t sound too bad. Why did I wait to check the reviews until after I plunked down a little over $50? I’m glad I didn’t read the reviews, but I’m still not quite over the feeling that I had been tricked, it sounds like there are, not one, but two hills that can be quite challenging. This is going to take a bit of prep work, both physically AND mentally. It’s scary, but I just read an article, however, discussing how you can psych yourself out of performing well, by months and months (I only have 62 days and counting) of negative thinking that will be almost impossible to undo the day of the race. So here it goes – 62 days of positive thinking, (safely) increased training and a healthy diet. While the temptation was to back out immediately, too late! Now is the time for the power of positive thinking….and prayer. Grandmas of the world UNITE!!!


One thought on “I Signed Up for the MCM10k

  1. That is going to be an amazing experience! You just have to picture yourself conquering that hill! (And train) You are a Grandma. You’ve chased small children for hours with no sleep. Two hills can’t beat you. Grandmas are behind you!!


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