I Ran a Hill Today

It may seem like small potatoes to some, but I actually conquered a hill today. Not just any hill, but a real mountain of a hill. Whenever I leave the house, I have choices. Make a right to the track or go left for two more choices – the employee gym with a treadmill or my favorite outside path. I can reach either the mill or the path by parking in the same parking lot. Get out of the car go left to the treadmill or head right to my favorite path. The greatest feature of my favorite path is after a flat stretch there is a nice gentle downhill slope, but then you make a right turn that heads up a small incline for a bit, make another right to head back. The return trip is straight, but turns into 45+ degree incline – a great big ol’ mountain of a hill. The total trip is about 1.5 miles (There is a larger loop, that is about 3.25 miles). So typically I run/walk, get to the hill, walk up it and run on the other side. Except today, despite the 90 degree heat.

Today I not only ran the downhill, but also up the small incline (running the small incline was a first, usually I’m tired after the flat stretch and the long downhill). I make the last right turn and face the straight away to the hill. Today I was not to be defeated…I glared at the mountain hill ready for battle! You will not defeat me today, a running start, my favorite song in my ears, I headed up the hill. A third of the way up, half way up…I was going down…no…no I’m not. Then I decided to trick myself, remember those small fries and that small hamburger you ate during that 15 minute lunch break? Did you have any problem with those? No? Then you WILL get to the top of this hill grandma. You will not stop until you get to the sidewalk at the top of the hill. I did it! I conquered the hill, not only did I conquer the hill, but I took a 30 second walk break and ran the rest of the flat stretch back. Not nearly as breathless as I thought I was going to be, not nearly as tired and sore as I thought I would be. I DID IT! I conquered the hill. Happy dance time!


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