A Mile on Monday

I like walking. If I could put on my sneakers and walk for miles I would be perfectly happy. Not running, just walking. It clears the mind and allows me to solve so many real world issues, like which bills are coming due, should I find a plumber to fix the downstairs tub, real world problems. Unfortunately, I love entering races and I love Disney World. To guarantee at least one trip to Disney World per year, I enter the Disney races. Wait, who am I kidding? I also love the bling and the bibs make really nice wall art. Not to mention the fact that with my love of those trinkets, also comes races that have a maximum time limit.

The Disney Princess Half Marathon registration is coming up in about a month. I will register and fully intent to complete my third half marathon. I’m going to do it one step at a time, this grandma has been feeling old recently. So today, I ran a mile. Not much at all by normal standards. I looked on Facebook and saw all the runners posting 3 miles, 4 miles or 6 miles. Well today I ran a mile. I’m OK with that because I know the first step to finishing, is getting out there training and training isn’t sitting on a couch. Today one mile was better than none.


2 thoughts on “A Mile on Monday

  1. LOL…I remember back in February I thought I had months before the next sign up and it’s only a month away now. Next February seems like a long way off but I’m going to need a bit more training then starting in Sept/Oct…LOL… I must say that I’m doing more training now than I have in the past years, but still. I’m enjoying the walk/run or run/walk depending on the day. The running group is fun.


  2. Great job getting out there! I think you are reading posts for people who have upcoming races. Princess is still a little far off. Just keep an eye out for the official event training. I think you should see it by Sept/October.

    You know, you can walk the Disney races as long as you keep below the 16 minute per mile pace. Some people in my group run 15 seconds and walk for 30.

    How is your running group?


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