An Outside, Inside Run

An outside – inside run. Exactly what is that, you ask? I got off work late (again) today thinking that I really wanted to go for a run, but not really feeling going home, changing and heading back out. As with most days, however, after a 12 hour day all I wanted to do was curl up and continue my Blue Bloods binge marathon on Netflix. So I put on my beautiful pink Disney Princess Half Marathon t-shirt. I figured I would channel my inner princess. Don’t worry, I wasn’t running a half today, just getting out there keeping up with my training schedule.

I headed out of the door. I don’t know if there is anyone like me, I often struggle with where I’m going to go run. Do I want to run on a busy parkway? Do I want to go the track? Treadmill? The decisions, the decisions. A mile on the treadmill, a mile on the treadmill. (I have done a lot of chanting to myself today). I figured that I would head to the employee gym and just stay on the treadmill for a mile, though I wasn’t sure if that would help negate the slice of pizza, two wings and two tablespoons of garlicky couscous with feta and spinach that I had for lunch today.

The car thermometer read 87 degrees, much too hot to be outside, but when I stepped out of the car there was a beautiful breeze and the sun had an evening glow. Why go inside when I’ve got the perfect weather? I headed down to the baseball fields, through the condo complex parking lot and onto the parkway. It felt great! My one mile inside run turned into 2.8 outside. Today was a good day.


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