My Running Reward System

Motivation, goal setting and rewards, you have to take it where you can get it. Get motivated to get out there. Get out there, celebrate and reward yourself as you reach a milestone (remember you set the milestones). I have hereby set up the following reward system for myself (sounds so official doesn’t it? It’s not really a system, but some random thoughts).

Last week joined a running group – reward, I went to go see one of my summer blockbuster movies. (San Andreas – hey, looking at the Rock expressing emotions, also known as tears, was worth the price of admission, I didn’t think he had that range of emotions)…sorry I digress…

Ran two days this week, set my alarm and got up at 6 a.m. this morning to go to my running group for week number two – reward, second summer blockbuster (Spy).

Movie rewards will only go so far, even though they do cost a really pretty penny. I’ve decided that if I attend the running group six weeks in a row, I will reward myself with a Garmin or a new IPod. I was originally going for the Garmin, because I love my IPod nano and I use the Nike app, but I’m thinking I would love a full-sized IPod, even though my little nano isn’t anywhere near full. Perhaps I will put both on my list. One at six weeks and perhaps the other when I finally knock 1 – 2 minutes off my time. What do you think? Obviously the list is nowhere near finished and is going to require a bit more thought, but I’ve got time.


2 thoughts on “My Running Reward System

  1. I love the reward system! I’d definitely go for the Garmin first as the GPS is better than most apps and it will help you more with your training. Then when once it has helped you get those 1-2 minutes off, you can put your feet up and play with your new iPod – well, that’s how I’d do it. Either way, you’ll get both in the end. 🙂
    Enjoy! 🙂

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