I Joined a Running Group

Figuring that I needed some help, I joined a local running group today. I’ve determined that it’s time to put some accountability in place. This particular group is getting everyone ready to run the Anthem Richmond Marathon. I’m not crazy, I am personally not training for the marathon, but they also have a half marathon and an 8K. I’m wondering though, am I just crazy enough to sign up for a half-marathon outside of Disney? I think I may just be that crazy, besides the half marathon course limit is 4 whole hours!

I digress. I joined a running group today. I must admit I was nervous in the beginning. Every time I join a group it always seems so cliquish, everyone knows each other, everyone has that “politeness”, but I never seem to fit in. Today was different, though. Of course everyone knew each other, but they made me feel so welcome. They actually spoke to me and included me in on the jokes and the memory sharing and even an invite to race in Vegas. All except one other person has run marathons and numerous half marathons, but they didn’t make me feel like the “slow one”. In fact, they gave me the biggest compliment ever – they called me a runner.


2 thoughts on “I Joined a Running Group

  1. That is so cool! I’ve thought about joining a club, but I’m always afraid that I will be the odd one out. But after reading about your experience, I might give it a try. Maybe…


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