Running on a Rest Day

Today was supposed to be a day of rest. Unfortunately I made the mistake of turning on the news first thing this morning. Not to actually watch the news, but to check out the weather to see if today was going to be a good day to be outside. Since they are supposed to give the weather on the 5’s, I tuned in at 8:04 expecting to hear “go” or “no go” for outside relaxation. Instead what I heard were four minutes of the most depressing news ever – deadly accidents, people getting shot and elderly people being beat. So instead of spending the day relaxing, I went to work instead.

After spending three hours in my quiet office I still couldn’t shake that depression feeling, so even though today was supposed to be a day of rest, I actually went for a run instead. Not a long run, but instead of my usual Jeff Galloway run/walk, I ran for the first mile straight followed by a run/walk for another three quarters of a mile. The exertion was just what I needed to remember that the world may not be a happy place, but my own little bubble can be as happy as I choose to make it and today I choose to be happy.


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