Hitting my Running Target

I set a relatively low total miles target for the year. I just knew that even I could hit a low target of 500 miles for the year. In fact, that’s less than ten miles per week. Factor in a couple of 5K’s and 10K’s…not to mention the fact that there was also a half-marathon thrown in there, I should have been well on my way. What happened?

So what’s the problem? I think it’s my motivation, or something. In fact, I can’t think of a single week when I actually hit ten miles( OK, except for the half-marathon race).  Today is Monday and I only got in 1.25 miles. There was a bit of motivation to actually get out there though. I went clothes shopping this weekend and couldn’t find a thing that looked good on me…which lead to me stress eating…which probably lead to the extra two pounds I gained this week (definitely not headed in the right direction). All I know is that whatever my motivation is going to be – hitting my 500 mile target, losing weight or being able to find clothes I wear, they are all targets. All I know is I better get it in gear.


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