Two Mile Tuesday, I Need a Run

To give you a little background, I’m a Human Resources Manager. Human Resources involves the most challenging component of work ever, humans. Sometimes it’s a good day, some days there are days like today. The conversation went something like this… (The names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent and the illogical.)

Supervisor (who has been with the company MANY years): Do I need to write a performance evaluation for Terry Tiger before she leaves on her last day?

Me (thinking mmm, no good can come of this conversation.) I’m not sure when her last day is, but her evaluation date is August 11th.  If her last day with the company is before her evaluation due date, then no you don’t.  (Me, now thinking this is the end of the conversation).

Supervisor: Her last day is April 15th. Do I need to write one?

Mind you, this conversation is via email so if you forgot what I said, feel free to go back and look at the answer, unfortunately that only seems like common sense in my world. The kicker was that I had this same conversation with two long term managers today!

Needless to say, that today was filled with such insane conversations. It’s just one of those days that had me tilting my head saying, “really”. Unfortunately, we can’t always say exactly what’s on our minds (sometimes the response in my head is quite…colorful. I needed an outlet and had the perfect solution. Today was Tuesday, so what better way to burn off some of the confusion and stress than taking it to the streets? OK, it wasn’t quite the streets, it was more like the treadmill, but hey for today, a run was cleansing activity. It was a great way to shake it off…and shake it off I did.  The sun will come out tomorrow (actually it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I’m still floating on that runner’s high.) It was a great two mile Tuesday.


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