Running Inside or Out

I really wish that Mother Nature would pick a season and stick with it for longer than 24 hours.  This week we have had 70 degree temperatures, 20 degree temperatures, rain, thunder, sleet and the threat of snow. It was a wacky, weather week that lead to an emotional roller-coaster week, that had me absolutely exhausted by Friday. Couple the insane weather with the hours and hours of overtime that I put in this week, helped to make it an almost non-existent week of running.

At first glance, today dawned a lovely, cloudless day. It appeared to be the perfect outside running weather, until you stepped outside that is. The beautiful blue almost had me believing that the temperature would be as warm as the sky was high, but one had to just stand outside for two minutes when the wind blew, to remember that it was only a few days into spring and the weather was, in fact, quite cold – 23 degrees.

Today, however, was a must day for getting at least 30 minutes in, since I had pretty much ignored my training plan for the past week. So today’s decision was not whether or not to go for a run, but whether to run outside in the frigid temps or run in the warmth of a treadmill in an empty building. Sure, I could pay to go to the gym, but why pay when there was a free employee gym just a few blocks away?  Sure it was in the basement of an empty government building, but sometimes free is a major consideration.  Needless to say despite my pledge to get acclimated to running in the cold, I opted for the warmth of the empty employee gym.  Besides, there was a Walking Dead marathon on and I could watch it while whittling away the miles (O.K. more just like two miles, but hey “some” is always better than none).

So what did you do today? Outside or in?


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