Training Day – Running Hills

Almost sounds professional doesn’t it? Of course, every runner needs to (or should) do hill work. If you know me, however, you know that I try to avoid hills like the proverbial plague. I haven’t quite perfected the ability to run up one without huffing and puffing like the big engine that couldn’t. I realize, however, that in order to be successful, at some point I have to tackle my fear of “the hill”.

It actually didn’t go too bad.  Today was supposed to be a 25-30 minute walk-run (of course I mean run-walk), so I thought I would combine it with a hill or two.  The pace was 1 minute run, 30 second walk.   It was 65 degrees at 6:00, so it was the perfect day to go outside and give it a whirl.  I must say it wasn’t bad; even with the hill, my Nike app made the mistake of telling me it was a 12:49 minute mile run which, for me, was pretty awesome.  But let’s talk about that hill.  I think my biggest problem is forgetting to breathe, I guess the first step is realizing that I actually do hold my breath. If I could offer one tip to a new runner, don’t do that.  I guess I’m lucky I didn’t pass out! Note to self, be conscious of form AND breathing!

I’m not terribly worried, I know with a little practice, I will get over my fear of running races with hills, but for now the tightness in the back of my legs feels kind of good. It reminds me that I tackled a hill today.


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