Half Marathon Training Day 4


Today was half-marathon training Day 4. What a mouth-full.  Oh…the temptation was strong. I was inventing all sorts of excuses (I know, here we go again), to not hit the road (or go to the gym). I wasn’t going to totally ignore the training plan; I could cross train or something that would exert the same energy.  The question is, if you’re going to exert the same amount of energy, why not do what you’re supposed to be doing?  As I stared at the training schedule, I noticed that it was supposed to be an “easy walk day”.  Not an easy run day, but an easy WALK day. WHAT? A “walk day” on a half-marathon training plan? Hey, I could do this. I could do an easy walk with my eyes closed; besides it would give me the opportunity to try out my new sneakers. They weren’t running sneakers, but I wasn’t supposed to be running….right?

I drove to the baseball fields behind the government building thinking it was as good a place as any, plenty of shortcuts to head back to the car in the event of an emergency. What happened? For the first time in days, the sun was shining (even at 5:00 p.m.), there were still hours of daylight left. I took a deep breath and kicked it into gear.  So many thoughts were running through my mind; puzzles to solve, plans to make. Before I knew it, a 30 minute “easy” walk had turned into 3.25 miles of an invigorating run-walk (in true Jeff Galloway style).  It’s true, sometimes it’s hard to get out there, but once you do, the time and miles just melt away.

An easy walk? Try 3.25 miles.  #dropthemic


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