What A Difference A Year Makes

Disney Princess

2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Me driving down to Florida, at the expo and up to race day: “I’m not ready, I haven’t trained enough. I’m not a runner. What am I doing here?”

Me at the starting line when the gun went off: “What? Already? The world is closing in on me.  I can’t breathe. What am I doing here? I should quit.”

Me at mile 3.1. “I should quit now…any second now. I can’t go another mile.”

Me at mile 4: “Only mile 4? How long IS this race?”

Me at entering the Magic Kingdom: “Look down. Don’t look at all these people on the side of the road. I’m not gonna make it. Can they tell I’m miserable? Why am I wearing this hat? It’s smothering me.”

Me at mile 8: “Oh now, the leg cramps are starting again. Just great…”

Me at mile 10: “Just give up.”

Me entering Epcot and a mile from the finish line: “Don’t look at the people, this was horrible.” Oh my legs.” To my sister Margaret, “Save yourself!”

Me seeing the finish line: “Oh thank you! Please let me just get across.”

Me crossing the finish line: “Never again, nope, no way.”

Me for a week after the race: Practically in tears from muscle soreness and raw from chaffing.

Me – no running for almost five months after the race.

2015 Disney Princess Marathon Weekend

Me at the starting line: “I’m just one corral ahead of the balloon ladies. I better get to the front of the corral.”

Me at the starting gun: “Yeah, I’m finally going to get to toss my throw away shirt this year. Cool.”

Me at mile 3.1: “Oh WOW, that was quick. , just like running a 5K. This is kind of fun.”

Me at the hill before entering Magic Kingdom: “Don’t lean too much. Easy does it. Think about your form.”

Me entering Magic Kingdom: Waving at strangers, waving at me. “This is so cool. Look at that!”

Me at mile 8: “No cramps this time, I’m gonna do this.”

Me eyeing the ramp of pain: “I’ve got my salt, my sugar, my Powerade, my legs are taped. Get ready, I’ve got this.”

Me going up the ramp: I finally turn around at mile 10 and see the balloon ladies are right behind me. “I better speed this up.”

Me entering Epcot: “Wow, look at all the people cheering us on.”

Me knowing the finish line is less than a mile: “Time to finish like a champ.”

Me crossing the finish line: “I know what I need to do for next year, bring it on.”

Me after the race: Very little soreness, no raw skin and enjoying the parks.

Me: Training started less then two weeks after finishing, Preparing for next year’s half-marathon.

What a difference a year makes….


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