Built in Running Excuses

Jayden snow dayToday is a bitter sweet day. My daughter and my three-year old grandson are moving away tomorrow.  As sad as I am, in reality it isn’t very far – less than two hours on the highway. It’s a trip we’ve made hundreds of times and in today’s world, I guess it could be considered practically right around the corner. She has a new job and is well on her way to becoming the person she wants to be.  Sure, the mom in me wishes that things never had to change, that my kids would always be with me, but I know there comes a time when they have to stretch their wings and make their way into the world.

So what does that have to do with my running? For three years I have (quite cheerfully) used my grandma responsibilities as excuses to not go running. Plans to run after work? Sure, but I have to go home and make dinner. Plans to run on the weekends? I could, but he cries when I leave the house so I probably shouldn’t go. Always an excuse, happy ones as I love being a grandma, but the bottom line is that they were excuses.  Well those excuses are now ending. I supposed it’s time. I do have one child left at home, but he is pretty self-sufficient when he wants to be at the age of 18, so rushing home to cook dinner or play really isn’t in the cards any more.

Sometimes it’s hard when those built-in excuses go away, but I face the future knowing that it’s a sign for me to get up off my duff and get serious. After all, didn’t I make a goal of a minimum of 500 miles for the year (a lightweight goal at less than 10 miles a week); or a goal to run another half-marathon by fall; or the goal to get my time under 3:30 for the half? Well, now is the time. I will miss seeing my grandson’s smiling face every time I walk in the door or the conversations with my daughter, but now is the time. No more built-in excuses.


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