Treadmill Two Mile Tuesday

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “How bad do I want it?” More, importantly “What would I do to get it?” The answer, in reality, is that it really all depends. In this case, the “it” is that I want to go to Disney World, my happy place. I also want to complete the rapidly approaching half-marathon in better shape than I did last year. If you were with me last February, you may remember the excruciating pain from the leg cramps (I went into great detail while the pain was still fresh); the days of not being able to walk or even bend my legs.  Last year, I was in my happy place and too sore to enjoy it.  So here I am less than 30 days out from the race I swore up and down I would never enter again and asking myself, “how bad do I want it?”

This, in fact, was the question I was asking myself all day, I don’t want to go for a run. I want to go home and take a nap. I want to eat a big dinner and do absolutely nothing all evening. Then I got to thinking, just how bad I would feel if I were picked up by the balloon ladies this year. Thinking about all of the money we put into this special week and it hit me. Even I, tired as I am, can go to the gym for at least 15 minutes. The thing is, once you get started, the feeling gets so good that you stick it out. While I was tempted to jump off at a mile, the next thing I knew I had logged another quarter mile, then another and another. Before I knew it, I finished two miles. May not seem like much, but compared to how the evening could have turned out…  Quite proud of myself, I took it a step further and worked out on some of the equipment. Suddenly the “I’ll do it tomorrow Tuesday”, became a Treadmill Tuesday and I must say, it feels good.


3 thoughts on “Treadmill Two Mile Tuesday

  1. That’s all of my days. Lol. I still go too though. And is awesome once you get there and get started. It’s just hard to remember That it’ll feel good when you get there after an hour-long ride home from work!


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