Where is a Grandma’s Running Motivation?

I’ve been home sick over the past week which gave me plenty of opportunity to look through my unread Runner’s World magazines and scroll through the hundreds of running emails I’ve received from Active.com and even more from Runner’s World. Flipping through the pages, both online and in print, I see tons of stories, pictures and advertisements for the young and fit. Don’t get me wrong, they do include stories about older runners, but even those runners are the slimmest and most toned people I’ve ever seen.  They usually have been running for years!

I’m not a hater (at least I like to think not); I think it’s fantastic to see so many people of my generation, and older, running and maintaining such a healthy lifestyle. What I find though, is that most of the content has ceased to motivate me. This is not to knock the younger generation (or those awesome mature runners), but what motivation am I going to get reading about the 20 and 30 something’s or a 70 year old that can lap me around a track, in a magazine that is designed to really push the products? Truth be told, that’s not my goal.

I often find that blogs are different, however. I love to read about the journey of many of the runners I follow; it doesn’t matter if they run a five minute mile or are just starting out; if they are 20 or 70. Their stories are so much more genuine to me. Their aches, pains and struggles are real.

I get it though, what magazine is going to sell with a bunch of stories about the average folks? Or ads showing someone with a little “age” around the middle?  You know them, those that are just starting out running or aren’t running the ten minute pace. Magazines have shoes and clothing to sell. I get it. I realize that part of this “sudden” reflection is because I just received my yearly postcard from Runner’s World that if I don’t contact them by a certain day, they will automatically bill my credit card.  I usually find an interesting tidbit or two, but is it time to cancel my subscription?

I guess I have to find my motivation inward and from the many blogs I subscribe to.  I know the magazines will never be about me or “my peeps”.  Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to applaud all runners because I know they work hard at their personal records and they are well deserving of everything they’ve worked for. I just know somewhere there is a “rag-tag fugitive fleet” of, not only grandma’s, but others who have decided to take a turn to the healthy side and are out there running, jogging, walking. Here’s to us!


4 thoughts on “Where is a Grandma’s Running Motivation?

  1. That sounds tough. How long have you been putting in the OT? I found that not taking “me” time, means elevated blood pressure time…just sayin’ sometimes you have to put you first! You’ve got this, I have faith in you! I’m here for you!


  2. Here here, sister!! I’m with you all the way on this. Funny that you mentioned the magazine, because now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve read the last two issues. There was a day when I would get excited to get it in the mail….Now, not so much. But I think my problem is it makes me feel guilty for not running in a long while. Either way, the motivation is a bit lacking in my neck of the woods, too. But I do love reading your blog. So keep it up, Lady!


    1. I used to get excited to, but now as I comb through the magazine, I’m like “these people aren’t me”, it can play havoc on the old self-esteem if I let it. Why pay the money to depress myself? LOL! I hope you’re doing OK, been missin’ ya’! 🙂


      1. This job has me working too many hours from home, and cutting into my “me” time. Hopefully things will slow down, and I can start running again. You inspire me lady!


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