My 2015 Starts January 4

I sometimes feel the need to be a little different. That’s why when many folks jump on the January 1st date for setting goals, I decided to wait a few days. Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s not really true. The truth is I wasn’t sure how I wanted to get started this year. I know I didn’t want to be considered one of the “newbie” crowd, you know the ones that hit the gym on the 1st and then burnout two weeks later. So I decided to pick an arbitrary day to get started and that day was today.

How did I get started? I started with a healthy-ish breakfast. I made a delicious omelet with spinach, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers. Yum-my! Why healthy-ish? I did end up adding a few pieces of steak I had grilled the night before and a small (very small) bit of cheese.  Needless to say after eating breakfast, I was hungry two hours later so I had a snack, a grapefruit.

After cleaning the kitchen, I was still feeling ambitious so I decided to take it outside. I figured, I haven’t run in a while so I would slow run, run/walk two miles with some hills thrown in.  I was feeling so good that I ended up covering 3.1 miles. Yes, I did my own personal 5K.

Lunch time!  How could I top my morning? How about a healthy lunch (OK…healthy-ish)? I made a salad that was 80% spinach, with some tomatoes, cucumbers, a few more pieces of grilled steak and a tablespoon of crumbled blue cheese (don’t worry, most of the blue cheese was still in the bowl when I finished.

Yes, I must say I’m feeling accomplished today. Why today? One could just say that I was motivated by that chunk of change I had to payout last night for my share of the suite (and tickets) for the week of the Disney Princess Marathon next month.  The truth is, however, I want my 2015 to exceed even my 2014 toward a brand new me. Whatever the reason for starting my 2015 today, it was a good day.


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