Can a Race be Uphill Both Ways?

Ugly sweater run

The Ugly Sweater Run was this weekend.  The unique aspect of this race was that participants didn’t necessarily have to run.  The Ugly Sweater Run was a fun-run simply for the enjoyment of the season. You wear your ugliest sweater and embark on a fun-filled 5K. In fact, they say that if you actually run the race you miss out on the fun. In fact, again, the aid station not only had ice cold water, but also hot chocolate…hot, hot chocolate.

It was definitely a day meant for fun. The run was held at the National Harbor which is a beautifully, scenic place to be. With all that going for me, what happened?  Have you ever ran a race that was up and back (or in this case a circle), but it honestly felt like you were running uphill in both directions? I know it really wasn’t. In fact, the second half of the circle was mostly downhill. For some reason, however, it felt like I was still running up the side of mountain.

So how do you get your mind off the fact that you’re not having a good race? Most importantly, enjoy the scenery. It was so much fun looking at everyone running in their ugly sweater gear. I’ve never seen so many Santa’s running at one time. There was even one guy that actually ran with a filled Santa bag on his back. When I wasn’t checking out the costumes, I spent time enjoying the view of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge off in the distance.  I guess the bottom line is that every race has its challenges, but it’s all in the attitude.  Despite the feeling of the uphill challenge, I really did enjoy the day AND finished another race in my training plan.