How Many Days to My Next Milestone


I took a quick peek at the Disney Princess Half Marathon website today. I find that it’s always a great wake-up call. In fact, as I’m typing this, the countdown clock says 97 days, 2 hours, 28 minutes and 29 seconds until Disney Princess Weekend. I must admit this is the second time I peeked at the clock today.  Have you ever asked yourself why you put yourself through torture? Perhaps torture is a strong word, but do you ever ask yourself, “Why, why, why?”

Is it because I’m hoping that suddenly I’ll have retroactively trained hard for the past year? I know I didn’t. Heck, you probably even know I didn’t. You have but to look at my blog posts to see that missing gap of several months to know, I didn’t.

Is it because I’m hoping that suddenly, I will be able to finish a complete run with zero walking?  Heck, I’m a grandma who just started running a couple of years ago after a hiatus that lasted, oh, a few decades?  (That’s a sneaky way of not sharing my true age, just call me grandma).

I don’t know the reason, what I do know is that clock set off a spark in me tonight that motivated me to brave the cold and freezing rain to head to the gym (bet you thought I was going to say outside).  What I do know is that I have a few hours over 97 days to be ready. I don’t have to run the entire way, I just have to finish. I’m not worried about being elite or measuring myself against anyone, just myself. If ever there was a time, it’s now, just 97 days, plus a couple of hours before my next personal victory! The two miles tonight is just a step to help get me on my way.


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