Ice Cream can wait for a Run

soft-serveToday was one of those iffy kind of days. Of course I woke up with the intent to be super active. My plan was to go into work and spend a couple of hours catching up while the office was quiet. From my office I was going to go for a quick run, not far, but a much needed trek. After the run, I was going to buy a new crock pot and a few healthy eating choices for the week. Sounds like a plan, right?

You know how it is, the best laid plans… Work didn’t quite go as I expected. The Internet was acting funky and almost everything I needed to do required me to access work sites – server not available. After managing to get through about three hours, it was still super-cold and windy outside by the time I left. Who wants to run when the wind was making it difficult to barely catch a breath?

Instead of the run, I headed to the store, I didn’t buy the crock pot, but managed to get some veggies and some ice cream. Technically ice cream isn’t a healthy snack, but I was thinking of it as more of a mental one.

Driving home…ah…the guilt set in (or rather guilt in the form of the vanilla ice cream in my trunk). Why did I change my plans for today? Wasn’t I the one stressing last night about getting ready for a 10K? Heavy sigh… The good thing is that we can always change our minds when we make a decision against our better judgment.

I can happily report that I went to the track, ran 1.5 miles, most of it against the wind. I’m feeling much better about myself and my decisions now. The moral of the story? Ice cream can wait…but in case you’re wondering the cold temperatures were enough to keep the ice cream safe until I got home.


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