Don’t Stop

Every fiber of my being told me not to go this morning. The voices said:

“I Love Lucy is on.”Don't Stop

“I have laundry to do.”

“I have to get ready for brunch this afternoon.”

The list was actually pretty long, but I’m thinking you’ve got the gist of it.

As I was lacing up my sneakers I thought:

“You just ran over 3 miles yesterday.”

“I’m supposed to get a day of rest.”

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow…”

Suddenly I found myself at the track:

“How did I get here?”

“I’ll just go around once.”

From the track, I headed to the road where every sign was telling me to stop.

“You’re tired.”

“Go back, you can do more tomorrow.”

“You know you can’t do this today.”

“Wait, was that a twinge?”

 “Just quit!”

As I went up the road I saw, beautiful fall colors. Heard my favorite songs on my Ipod. Solved a problem or two.

Suddenly every time I saw a stop sign. I asked, “who me? No way! Not today.”

Spoiled for the Outdoors

One of the many joys of Spring and Fall is the weather. There is nothing more enjoyable than being outdoors when there is just the slightest bit of bite to the air. I love running in cool to slightly warm weather. The only problem is just as warm turns to unbearably hot, cool ultimately turns to frigid cold. Cold and rainy usually means indoors. Indoors, you guessed it, becomes treadmill.

I never thought I would say these words, but I absolutely love outdoors – whether it’s a run or a nice long walk, it clears my head and I don’t spend time clock watching. If you’re like me, I send most of the time on the treadmill turning my head to look at the clock. Has it really only been five minutes? I think I’ll just quit at 15. Many times I manage to talk myself into staying longer, but I find it impossible to do anything over a mile on the treadmill. Even when I’m in the gym alone (I use the employee gym) and it’s just me, my music and whatever I want to watch on the two T.V.’s, I still manage to get side-tracked by the clock.

I guess I’m spoiled for the outdoors. What 60 minutes have passed already? It’s a glorious day.Outside

Second Half Marathon – 136 Days and Counting

What a sluggish month (or three)! I meant to hop back on my training plan a month ago when I turned 5(something) years old. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. I have not written, my running has been sporadic, none of which bodes well for the woman that nearly dropped out during her first half marathon last February due to excruciating leg cramps around mile 10.

As I lounged in bed around 6:30 a.m. this morning, I decided to take a look at the Disney clock. What? 136 days until the start of Disney Princess Weekend! I could just sit here and continue to talk about “tomorrow” or today I can start to get back on track (no pun intended).

While I know that I can count on my family and friends to motivate and help keep me on track, the ultimate motivation comes from me. I think it’s time to get that vision board going, after all I’ve only got 136 days to my next half marathon weekend (and counting).

Plus it gives me the opportunity to where some of those nifty cold weather running shirts I bought on clearance last year.