Ready, Set, Run – Disney Princess Half Marathon

I remember five short months ago as I was nearing the ten mile marker in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I remember the mixed emotions that kept running through my mind. They ranged from “what the heck am I doing?” to “I can’t believe my legs hurt this much” to “I’m GOING to finish” to “well I’ve finished a bucket list item…never again will I ever, ever do something this crazy.”

Fast forward to almost five months later; today I was one of thousands of frantic runners trying to desperately log into the overwhelmed Disney (via website furiously trying to register for the 2015 races. Last year, I don’t remember when I registered, but I don’t recall joining the first day fray. I’m glad I did this year because by the time I got home from work, the Disney Princess Half Marathon, the Glass Slipper Challenge and the 10K were all sold out! Registration was tough. It did take almost 45 minutes for me to successfully get through every screen after being booted out numerous times. I’m sure for RunDisney, it has nowhere to go but uphill from here (we hope).

The bottom line is that $170 is paid for the Half Marathon and to add on the fun… I also signed up for the 5K. So today is the day, the clock has started…218 days from today I’ll be at the starting line again. This time, I know what to expect. I know hydration, hydration, hydration. I know to actually do some long runs this time. I know that I need to run a 10K to add a time so that I’m hopefully not in the last corral dancing with the balloon ladies. I know what I need to do and I have 218 days to do it. Ready, set….


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