At What Length Would I Race?

Image  I met some very remarkable characters at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC.  I volunteered and didn’t run the race, but I did engage in some very thought-provoking discussions.  Speaking with many runners and volunteers made me take a moment, sit back and reflect on the question – What lengths would I go to, in order to run a marathon?

Would I run with injuries?  We all know that runners will run as far as they can, as long as they can – injury be darned.  Even outside of the Nike Race, I know so many people on the “injury bench”.  Despite their doctor’s warning, however, they will lace up those sneakers and give it a try, “just to see” if they’ve healed enough to run.  At point would I decide to listen to the doctor and sit this race out – wait to heal and then run again? I’ve been “plagued” with Plantar Fasciitis for months now; I refuse to give in, even if it means hopping on one foot every morning until I can put my foot on the ground.

What if my finances were…challenged? Money may be tight, but I can’t help but sign up for just one…more….race…   Imagine signing up for a race and by race weekend, however, you really couldn’t afford to go.  Would you still go?  After all, you’ve paid for the race. I met one woman who was going through very similar circumstances.  In fact, I met her before I had heard about her situation. What amazed me was that in talking to her, I never would have known.  She was so friendly, upbeat and cheerful!  Racing does that to people.  If I didn’t have the money would I race? Maybe not, but I’d still run!

What about the Disney Races? Those, and many like them, are not cheap.  The race is a pretty penny, as well as, getting there, lodging and eating.  I must say that Disney is my happy place, so the thought of not ever being able to go again, would be depressing.  What would I give up to sign up for a Run-Disney Race?

I think that these are just some of the questions that we all ask ourselves.  What length would I go to race? I’m still pondering that question.   I guess it’s important to remember, the bling is nice, but it’s all about the run. Right?


3 thoughts on “At What Length Would I Race?

  1. What I learned is that you will only lose by pushing yourself into pains. Always try to push for a little more but in the long run, it’s always worth to not risk injuries. You will eventually be able to do it, patience is the key.


  2. I can’t imagine a marathon. I sometimes think about it a little more seriously, then I remember my half marathon and know that is likely my limit, I remind my self that is a serious accomplishment that most will never find.


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