A Year of FMRMC

Support is a beautiful thing and it comes in all shapes and sizes.  Last May in an effort to train for the half-marathon, lose weight (hopefully) and get healthy, I joined a group called The Fatty Must Run Marathon Challenge, or more affectionately called FMRMC.  The group was the brain child of Julie Creffield from London (yes, the group had a wonderful international flavor).  Some would be offended by the title, but it was actually quite fun.  A happy group of women with sparkling humor, united for a common goal.

Over sixty women applied for the opportunity and fifteen of us were chosen to join this fledgling group offering support and sharing best practices, as we each pledged to complete a marathon within 12 months – or in my case, a half-marathon.  A closed Facebook group was formed and even our Twitter handle became the famous #FMRMC.

We went through a lot as a group.  Each month presented a new challenge – 30 days of planking, a month of clean eating; all in an effort to not only train for our respective races, but to also develop healthier habits.  Each month, I found myself actually looking forward to the next newsletter to start a new challenge!

The year has flown by. Unfortunately we lost some members along the way, mostly from injuries.  We gained new members and fully embraced them as partners in our quest.  As I look back over the year, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. I ran races; I completed a half-marathon and managed to change some of my habits and incorporate new ones.  I’ve even started to enjoy more veggies – who knew!

The year will be over in a couple of weeks and it’s been a ride.  I have been so honored to be a part of the program.  For the ladies of the FMRMC, I thank you for the time we spent “together”, spread out all over the world, but united in a single goal. GO FMRMC!

Size doesn’t matter! Check out Julie’s Blog!


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