Tuesday 2.02 Run

Have you ever had one of those days when you just didn’t feel like going out the door? Of course, no one has EVER had one of those days….right? Even though we may struggle with momentary motivation, sometimes we have to find the fun. We need to create that one thing that will get us out the door with our eyes on the prize. But how? I decided to name my run, at least for today!

Welcome to 2.02 Tuesday. I truly fought with myself today. Gym, track, or stay home? After taking a Zumba class last night for the first time in about two months, the temptation to stay home was great, but I had to keep the training momentum going. Got dressed and headed out the door – stay home, dashed. Track or treadmill? Did I really feel like going to the gym to play “push the buttons” on the treadmill to alter my running speed?  (Ha, I do use the word “speed” loosely) Treadmill – dashed. I headed to the school track – just to see how many people would be there.

It seems that a school track is the place to be on weeknight.  Runners, walkers, singles, families…all gather and turn a quiet track into a great place for motivation.  One lap, two lap….it was starting to feel really good.  Suddenly the dreaded training actually became fun.  I set a goal in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I do love running, but I still had to get back home to cook dinner, I set a goal to go 2.02 miles.  A goal that I couldn’t even visualize just 15 minutes before was fast becoming a reality. I will tell you, however, that I stopped abruptly when I hit 2.02…not because I was tired or that I couldn’t keep going – but the purpose of today was to set a fun goal and hit it.  Now that I have proven I can do that, tomorrow I’ll set a new one. The only problem is that I have to find a catchy title that goes with “Wednesday.”  Gotta love the run. 


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 2.02 Run

  1. All my years on the trail have taught me that if I force myself out the door, regardless how listless and unmotivated I feel, that I return a different and better person nearly every time. Well done, you are on your way!


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