First Run

ImageNot really a “first” , but that’s what it felt like.  Not the first run ever, but today I put on my sneakers to run for the first time since the half marathon on February 23.  When I got home, I looked at the calendar and realized that today was March 23. Somehow, it felt like an appropriate day to have a first run.

Procrastination….Yes I admit that I vowed to begin my running again on March 15th, but you know how it is (or feel free to pretend to not), I’ll do it “tomorrow”.  Day after day, I kept saying, “tomorrow.”  I always felt like I had great excuse. No, the pain will come back.  No, I need a new pair of sneakers. No, I don’t have time to pack a bag to run after work.  Funny enough, they sounded good at the time, but they really did nothing to alleviate the guilt I was inwardly feeling.

Today – I don’t know what sparked me to go out for a “first” run. I must admit that the bed was tempting. It was soft, warm, comfortable and safe. Tomorrow sounded like a good idea, after all – I just got my Jeff Galloway Running Journal yesterday and IT starts on Monday.

Reflections – I want to run. I enjoy the time to think. I want to be in better shape. As I lay in bed remembering the fun of the Disney weekend, I remember how good it felt walking through the parks congratulating medal winners and for the first time having my own half marathon medal around my neck.

Results – I didn’t go out for time or distance and it was only 2.5 miles. I went out to enjoy the moment and get started toward that awesome feeling. No pain… no problems, first run.


2 thoughts on “First Run

  1. I feel ya on the procrastination. You did better than I, because I didn’t run for st least four months after my half!! But, boy, it feels so good to get out there again, doesn’t it? Here’s to spring running season!!! The Gma’s git it covered!!


    1. LOL…you definitely made me feel so better…oh the guilt! Part of me feels like I was in shock. It feels truly awesome! I’m looking forward to running and getting ready for my next. While my goal is next February, I kind of want to do the Jeff Galloway 1/2 in Georgia. Yes..yes… running gma’s are incredible. Nothing can stop us!


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