Getting Ready for Next Year’s Half Marathon

ImageWow, it’s funny. I never thought I would say these words – I’m getting ready for next year’s half-marathon on Disney Princess Half-Marathon weekend.  I will admit, as I was preparing for my first ever half-marathon, I was determined that running (loosely speaking) a half marathon would be a one-time event; a bucket list item; something that I can say, “I did it” and move on.  Somewhere between miles 12 and 13.1, I started to reconsider. I was in pain, yes, pretty much, but with better and more consistent training, I think I can actually do this again.

I learned from the experts that you should rest a few days after such a major running event.  I’m definitely doing so. Not really by choice, but still working the kinks out my calves and the long drive home. I’m not wasting the time; however, I’m busy working on a new plan to get ready for next year.  The plan currently consists of re-constructing my vision board, framing my bib from this year (visuals always help), scouring for training plans (there are so many free plans available), looking for healthy recipes. High priorities also include signing up for races, including the most important one – a timed 10 K race so that I can place in the corrals next year. This grandma’s got some planning and running to do.


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