It’s not a Resolution; it’s a 30 Day Challenge

ImageHere we are January 1, 2014. It’s a day that so many people make New Year’s resolutions, with the hopes that we will still be engaging in these awesome behaviors by December 31st.  The truth is that most resolutions only last a couple of months or a couple of days. 

This year, I’m not calling them resolutions. I’m thinking that if I split my goals into smaller chunks, perhaps I can finish one here or there.  This year, I’m going to call them 30-day challenges.  Sounds more reasonable, doesn’t it? Slightly more do-able?  Instead of feeling that I’ve failed by the end of the year, I can feel victorious in as little as 30 days.  When I’ve successfully completed a 30-day challenge I can renew it just like a library book.

What happens if I fail?  Believe it or not, failure is always an option, but it helps me to understand that I’m not perfect and can forgive myself and start again.  I’m not scared of a little failure; I think I would be more scared of never starting.