No Running in August

It’s September! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. The problem with it being September is that I looked back over August and suddenly realized – I didn’t run in August. Not once, not that I recall. Oh my, how terrible is that? What kind of journey is grandma taking if she went an entire month without preparing for “the race”?

Let’s re-visit August shall we? Feeling the need to cross-train, I joined the gym again. I suddenly remembered how much I loved Zumba. The music, the beat…the fact that I could workout in the back of the class and work up a shirt soaking sweat to some awesome rhythms. I was going to Zumba three times a week. The only problem is that it seemed to diminish my get up and go, to get out the door to run. Balance, I needed to find the balance, but then…

Vacation. Heck yeah! Summer is vacation time and I felt the need to take the kids on a last minute trip to Disney World. Who can run when you’re at the happiest place on earth? While I didn’t run, I did spend time walking through Disney parks from 9 am to almost midnight for four days. I know, that alone, has to count for something. Right? This little vacation ended up taking the last two weeks of August. So now, suddenly it’s September.

September? I realized that February isn’t getting any further away. In fact, it’s rapidly approaching. This gma best get a move on. It’s time to lace those sneakers back up.


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