Back on Track

The good thing about running is that the start-up costs absolutely nothing.  Aside from a decent pair of sneakers to get started, all you need is the desire.  I thought that after being away from running for over thirty days, it would be hard to get started again. Was I giving up on my dream of running a half-marathon?

It’s true, once you start making excuses for why you’re not going out to run, each day it gets even easier to not go. It almost makes you afraid to get out there and get started again. I was nervous, but my desire to feel the freedom and get back on track outweighed my nervousness and most importantly my excuses.

Today is a beautiful day. How often do you look up and see nothing, absolutely nothing but clear blue sky?  The deep blue greeted me this morning at 7 a.m.  After the summer heat almost scared me away, 62 degrees was just the right temperature this morning to don my sneakers, throw on some shorts and head to the track. Even better, the crowd at the track had thin considerably. Not that I mind other runners, in fact I love the camaraderie, but today I needed a moment to get myself together. I ran some, walked some and managed to go 3.5 miles. Maybe my time wasn’t the greatest. Maybe I did more walking then I would have liked.  Maybe my Nike app seemed too happy to see me, but I don’t think anyone was happier than I to be back on track.

No Running in August

It’s September! I can’t believe how quickly time flies. The problem with it being September is that I looked back over August and suddenly realized – I didn’t run in August. Not once, not that I recall. Oh my, how terrible is that? What kind of journey is grandma taking if she went an entire month without preparing for “the race”?

Let’s re-visit August shall we? Feeling the need to cross-train, I joined the gym again. I suddenly remembered how much I loved Zumba. The music, the beat…the fact that I could workout in the back of the class and work up a shirt soaking sweat to some awesome rhythms. I was going to Zumba three times a week. The only problem is that it seemed to diminish my get up and go, to get out the door to run. Balance, I needed to find the balance, but then…

Vacation. Heck yeah! Summer is vacation time and I felt the need to take the kids on a last minute trip to Disney World. Who can run when you’re at the happiest place on earth? While I didn’t run, I did spend time walking through Disney parks from 9 am to almost midnight for four days. I know, that alone, has to count for something. Right? This little vacation ended up taking the last two weeks of August. So now, suddenly it’s September.

September? I realized that February isn’t getting any further away. In fact, it’s rapidly approaching. This gma best get a move on. It’s time to lace those sneakers back up.