Grandkids are so Precious

JD- 2

What is the most precious thing that could tug at a grandma’s heart? Without a doubt it’s my grandson. It was so precious today when I was leaving to come back to work after lunch.  Little JD gave me his little backwards wave (that’s the one when his fingers are actually pointed towards himself) and said “bye.” Granted he’s been making those “I’m about to start really talking” sounds for a while now, but to see him to put action into words with that sweet voice telling me “bye”  almost made me cry.  It’s time like these when it doesn’t matter that he’s made a mess of the rug, has taken every Tupperware container out of the cabinet or the house is a mess from all of his toys – you gotta love them.  These are the times you wish you had an automatic camera to capture the moments. Yet another reason to stay healthy, to watch this child grow.


4 thoughts on “Grandkids are so Precious

  1. Boy, I feel ya on that one, my friend! Being a grandma is one of the biggest blessings in life. Your little man is a cutie-pa-tootie!!


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