Running on Air – A Book Review

Running on Air

Why would you take a book out of the library and keep it for twelve weeks? Because it’s crammed full of information and I just can’t give it up. That’s how I felt about Running on Air” The Revolutionary Way to Run Better by Budd Coates. Do you want to run longer? Cross-train? Strength-Train? There is something in the book just for you. Not only does the book give great advice on learning how to breathe while running, it also provides sample marathon training schedules for anything from a 5K to a full-marathon.

Illustrations – Who doesn’t like pictures?  They may be in black and white, but Coates also includes picture examples on how to do core-training exercises.  For those of us in the middle of the 30-Day Plank challenge, there is a pretty black and white picture of the CORRECT way to do a plank.

There were really only two small downsides I noticed while reading.  First, is that he did a lot of talking about RBE’s. I know if I plan to run, I need to learn the language, but it really had me confused I’m embarrassed to admit. The second is that all of the short “stories” scattered throughout the book seemed to be about younger runners and the over 50 examples were all seasoned runners who had a running background. I would imagine that’s not a real bad thing, but fI am a grandma after all..

All in all, 12 weeks? Absolutely, this book will be placed on my purchase list.


2 thoughts on “Running on Air – A Book Review

  1. It’s a really good book! The 30-Day Plank Challenge, has a few ways to go about it. The challenge we are doing starts you off at 20 seconds on day 1 and upwards around a five minute plank by day 30.


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