Finding Runners Everywhere

Since I’ve started running, I’ve noticed that I meet runners everywhere.  Yesterday I was at the grocery store chatting with the cashier as she slowly bagged my groceries. It’s so funny, I don’t even remember how the conversation got started, perhaps it was on my healthy food choices, but however it started we started talking about running.  She mentioned the Biggest Loser Race she was participating in next week; I’m running that race too! Then she talked about the Electric Race she wanted to sign up for in September, I knew about that race too! It was amazing how, despite our ages, we had a lot in common, including the fact that we both had just started running.

It happens everywhere I go… the mall, the library, work. I think it’s so amazing and so exciting that so many people share a bond that transcends all ages, body types, skill levels.. The best thing is knowing that I’m not alone.


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