When Rain Spoils Your Run

RainYesterday was the first time I was able to go for a run in over a week. It actually felt really good. I was even able to able to knock time off 30 seconds off the average of my last nine runs.  I’d brag on the time, but it’s not anywhere near the time I should be running, but yet I’m rather proud that I’m getting better.  The self-competitiveness within myself actually had me even more excited to hit the track today.

The first step was to make sure I was ready.  Since I’m still having a few issues with my plantar fasciitis, I I slept in my sleep boot so that I wouldn’t have any issues getting up early and heading to the track. So, what do you do when nature throws you a curve ball and you wake up to torrential rain?  You literally have two choices, well, three in fact.

The treadmill – If you have access to a gym or own a treadmill, you can take your run indoors.  The concern I have with this is that I have done all of my running outside in the last few weeks. I had spent so much time training on a treadmill; it was really difficult to make the transition to outdoor running. I found that I was running very stiffly trying to maintain my “balance between the bars” even though I was in wide open space.  My gait was different. I was actually able to run further when I got away from the displays telling me my time and distance.  Running on a treadmill, it seemed like I automatically got tired when the numbers on the treadmill hit a certain point. I’m running much further and longer outside when I’m not tied to a display.

Run in the rain – I’m not too sure about this one. It’s not that I mind the rain, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve reached that point where I’m ready to run to inclement weather.  Cold? Sure. Heat? I’m working on it.  Rain, sleet, snow? I need to build up to it.

No run? I think this would actually hurt my feelings today, especially when I was so psyched to get out there and just “do it”! Well it’s early yet, perhaps the rain will stop. Looking out my window, I’m not seeing it, but I have no intention of putting my dreams on hold for today. Rain will not spoil my run!


5 thoughts on “When Rain Spoils Your Run

  1. I have had to run in the rain a lot this spring. Most days are good but would rather have the 68 instead of the 85. It was 70 here this morn when I got out but humid. I could’ve done without that but makes for a good sweat. I absolutely love running in the snow. Hate when it gets icy though. Good luck on whatever you decide to do today.


  2. Girl, if anything running in the rain will make you feel like a hard core runner!! Lol. But not if it’s thundering and lightening, although that may help pick up your pace. Hahaha! I love running in the rain, but maybe not torrential rain. Hope the rain let’s up for ya!! Go get it, lady!!


    1. It definitely let up and the temps went fro 68 to 85, it feels like in the space of 15 minutes. I guess I need to be ready for anything. There’s no “refund” in “races” 🙂


  3. I actually enjoy running in the rain sometimes. Depending on the season, it can be a refreshing change. Of course, I’m talking about a nice gentle, steady rain, not that horizontal, gale force wind driven stuff that sometimes comes at you! LOL


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