Rewarding Myself with Self Praise

“I will never be good enough.”  “I can’t do this, it’s too hard.” “I’ll never be a runner, who am I kidding.”  Try as I might not to let it happen, so often those depressing, self-doubting thoughts echo in my head. It’s especially hard when I’ve had a particularly bad run when I felt like, for some reason, I just couldn’t pull it together – a day it seemed like I was particularly winded right from the start. I have come to realize just how important self-praise is to my success.  Sure it’s very easy to beat myself up, but where does that get me?  Sneakers packed away in the closet, stress-eating and low self-esteem?

As a Human Resources Manager, I laugh when I think of the advice I give applicants who interview for a job.  If you’re not going to toot your own horn, if you’re not going to believe in yourself, who will do it for you? I think the same applies while running.  If I don’t praise myself, if I don’t reward myself verbally, how will I ever succeed? I have to remember while I may not be the fastest, I am good enough. I may not be fast, but I am a runner – no matter how long it takes me to puff up that hill. I can do this.  If I tell myself this enough, I start to feel like the little engine that could. This time, however, it’s not “I think I can,” it’s “I know I can.”


10 thoughts on “Rewarding Myself with Self Praise

  1. I don’t believe that you ever stop the doubts running (har har) through your mind; it’s what you do after they appear that is important. If you keep running, you win. Keep on believing in yourself


  2. So true! More than half the battle is putting on those shoes and getting out of the door. Once you do that, the mileage is exactly the same, no matter your speed! And don’t forget that even a bad day is another step towards your goal. Great job!


  3. When the self doubt creeps in to my mind while running, and it says I can’t, I remind myself that I AM DOING IT right now, so don’t say I can’t. Good luck and keep up the hard work!


  4. You are SOOOO right, Sister!! I, too, fall victim to that stinking thinking. But…we ARE runners, and we kick tail. Yeah, it’s our own tails…but it’s all good, right?? Lol! Keep going, mama!!


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